Welcome to REMED

Welcome to REMED, the Museums and Digital Strategies Network, a platform born in March 2020 during lockdown. REMED was created during these trying times with the purpose of exploring, recording and sharing the processes that museum professionals are experimenting due to the accelerated implementation of digital strategies in all areas of cultural expression. 

Understood as a valuable matter, digital solutions modify the waythrough which museums interact with the public as they also expand the scope of the museum’s task in the global digital space. 

REMED’s main objective is to ensure the fulfillment of the museums’ mission and accompanying them through this digital transformationOur network has succeeded in establishing bonds between professionals from all over the world by working alongside museums and their professionals, and by instigating a renewal of the ways in which these institutions connect with their public. 

REMED connects gestures and conversations, shares concerns, seeks solutions, and expands their resonances exponentially. Since its birth, the number of participants in the network has not ceased to increase. These are people who join in with our intention of offering and sharing strategic visions capable of anticipating and providing technological, practical, and imaginative solutions in order to integrate new digital media in museum exhibition spaces, where the online activity is proving as important as physical presence. 

REMED is a tool that strengthens collaborative networking within the Spanish-speaking geography, which is its initial scope. A collaborative project in constant development that has fostered a deeper connection beyond the museum as well as beyond the physical borders of each country. It is in this change of paradigm where the role of the user of every museum has taken relevance since they have become co-responsible for the creation of content on heritage resources, making the work within the museum more visible. 

REMED is made up of a large community of people with shared interests in museums, both public and private, large, medium, and small. They are researchers, teachers and professionals from cultural and technological companies who are aware of the qualitative leap provided by digital technology applied to the arts. 

REMED is also a training place for professionals related to museums and cultural institutions, while creating synergies and redefining a field in constant change. Having a university supporting the project gives way to an exchange of knowledge that stems from the most cutting-edge research with a broad and multidisciplinary vision, since it is not the institutions that have to adapt to digital change but the people who make them up. 


REMED is coordinated by the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), specifically, by the Department of Audiovisual Communication, Documentation and Art History, the Master in Cultural Management UV-UPV, and the Research Group in Cultural Industries and ICT, of the Institute of Design and Manufacturing (IDF). 

The network remains open and makes its invitation explicit to professionals and researchers in the cultural and museum field. 

Among its main activities, REMED organizes a general meeting point: the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF MUSEUMS AND DIGITAL STRATEGIES (CIMED), with leading professionals from different parts of the world, who meet at this event that is already a reference. 


One of the activities that has more success is the so-called REMED FRIDAYS, which consist in regular meetings that take place on the first Friday of each month where current issues related to the use of technology in museums are addressed. 

Some of the topics covered are: digital analytics, new possibilities for education and mediation, virtual tours, augmented and extended reality, the use of video, social networks, gamification, storytelling, contributions from professionals of technology, changing the profile of professionals, or the use and organization of the REMED platform. 

REMED FRIDAYS allow us to collect current needs and meet new challenges in an accessible and dynamic way, with the aim of delving into the challenges of this field. 

At the request of the associates, and with their collaboration, REMED records, since its beginning, the statements and experiences of professionals from the cultural field through interviews and live debates, in such a way that an audiovisual and written archive of contributions is created in order to serve as reference and record the evolution of this paradigm shift. 

Being aware that training is fundamental, REMED also organizes specific workshops to provide its members with the necessary knowledge with which to function better in the online world, mainly in networks, but not only, and always putting first the codes of good practices that are already implemented in some of the most important museums in the world. 


We are currently more than 600 associates, among which are professionals, teachers, researchers and cultural entrepreneurs interested in creating a collaborative network on museums and new digital strategies. 

REMED is an initiative of a group of professors from the Universitat Politècnica de València generously supported by students of the Interuniversity Master of Cultural Management UV-UPV. 

Being part of REMED offers, in short, the opportunity to join a platform to share knowledge and good practices, as well as to investigate and document how digital technology is implemented as one of the geographies of the museum. We would like to invite you to share with us your amazement at the digital future. 



  • To collaborate with museum professionals by providing information on digital strategies that can be permanently incorporated into their dissemination. 
  • To gather information on the difficulties that museums are encountering regarding online communication, as well as the analysis (evaluation) of the effectiveness of the strategies they are using. 
  • To serve as a meeting point in which to share newsdiscuss them, and share the experience among network partners with the aim of reducing the digital divide. 
  • To organize the I CIMED: I International Congress of Museums and Digital Strategies for March 25 and 26, 2021. 


  • To create a stable network that collaborates searching and publishing information regarding the online communication of museums. 
  • To provide or develop digital tools or strategies to museums or institutions. 
  • To seek financing to consolidate REMED. 
  • To transform this project into an R + D + i that allows, on the one hand, the analysis of the data obtained in the short term, and on the other, the implementation of different tools for the digital dissemination of museum content. 


  • To consolidate a space for permanent dialogue in which to investigate and share findings in digital technology for museums. 
  • To make REMED a place where digital heritage becomes a practical area and a subject of study in which to continue deepening, maintaining conversations and connection. 


We invite people, institutions, and museums, large and small, as well as research groups related to culture and museology, who are interested in receiving information from the network or in joining an open work group. Members can decide to participate through different degrees of involvement, from simply consulting events through periodic newsletters, webinars, seminars, etc., or join in collaborating with any of the teams that make up the platform on the lines Research, Communication, Museum Professionals and REMED FRIDAYS.